Review Policy

While I do accept review copies, I may or may not blog your item. I greatly appreciate your time, and for thinking of me. But if I am too busy and don't have the time... it might take a while.

AND... if I don't like it, I won't blog it. That simple. I am under no obligation to post unrequested review copies, as designers and creators are under no obligation to give away review copies (promotional copies).

I am NOT responsable for items going lost due to IM capping.

Male items only when transferable to my male model Wynter Firecaster.

When i applied to be an Event Blogger, the events always have priority.

Helpful hints:

• Send the items in a named folder, so I don't loose them in the mess I call my *Inventory*

• If you are a new designer, include a notecard with some info for me, without info NC i won`t post your items.

• Please send your items while i am online. Usually between 12 AM SLT and 12 PM SLT (with breaks)

• You have to be the creator of the items or official manager for the store, i don`t support theft and  copybotting.