Saturday, March 12, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour: UMBER

Luna Jubilee really shocked me with Umber, after i already had the Ecru fight.
Next week it will be "sky blue", is that really easier??? *lol*

Thrive - Umber outfit by Eclipse Development
Hood Heels by **Phoenix Design** & **Firefall**
Ava skin by Lara Hurley
Ming Eyeshadow - Umber by Oceane`s Bodyboutique
Leslie - Umber hair by Exile
Sword is hunt item from 2008, sorry.
Sword Poses by FD Poses, does the store still exist?
Location: Lost World

Umbra is the german word for Umber and this song by "Subway to Sally" inspired me...

Subway to Sally- Umbra (World of Warcraft) - MyVideo


Lashae Karsin said...

Very pretty pics!! ♥it!

Mayala Loon said...

cool outfit ... and YAY for Subway to Sally ;-)

Rudhmellowen said...

Cute outfit, love the kick ass girl look you have going on!! Looks Awesome

Anonymous said...

Oohh, great job! I was considering an armor myself, but unfortunately my sword-girl outfits weren't umber enough. ._.

Glad to see someone else did it, umber's a great colour for medieval asskickery! =D

Anonymous said...

Great look! Always nice to see a girl who can look hot and kick ass at the same time

Anonymous said...

Wow looks like you're ready to take on a dragon by yourself. ;-)