Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BLOG HERO Challenge Week 1: Crying in the rain

You know i am not good with words, i was thinking about another Blogger Challenge. Something with Music and Anubis Darkwatch named it  "BLOG HERO", like Guitar Hero.

- I give weekly new lyrics like for example "Singing in the rain" you don`t have to do a fashionable picture, you can just create a scene..whatever you like.
- You do the matching picture, in your own personal style and post it on your Blog, or when you are no Blogger you join the Flickr Group or the Koinup Group and let me know in the comments or on Plurk, when you did your post, i am so curious and everyone is very welcome and i ask you to help me spread the word. I would be so very happy if some people next to me will do the challenge.

Let's just start with the very first lyrics...not to difficult for the beginning:

"I’ll never let you see
The way my broken heart is hurting me
I got my pride and i know how to hide
All my sorrow and pain
I do my crying in the rain"

Here is what i made out of it:

08    Daylight Skin -Trinity- / smudgeTears *REDGRAVE*
::69:: Model Hair 01  - offblack -
>>GothiCatz<< Bliss
Location: Embryo


smartdog said...

you got me :))))
Cool challenge!

Rudhmellowen said...

SHAY SHAY SHAY I WANNA JOIN YOUR CHALLENGE YAYYYYYYY!!! I did a post for you so I thought that I would share it here! Hope that is ok!!!
Thank you for coming up with something!!! *hugs*

~KiSMeT~ said...

Awesome pic! I'm up for the challenge as soon as I dig through my inventory. Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea, Shay! I'll gladly participate. :-)

~KiSMeT~ said...

Finally did it and it's not that great but first time using rain effects in gimp. Can't wait to see next weeks!

Laila Laperriere said...

Ohh Shay Shay, I just read about this on Mayala's blog. I am so sorry I missed the first week, but ill make it up, and this next week as well. Aweseome challenge, I look forward to being a part of.