Tuesday, January 10, 2012

22769 - In a new year!

I took a short break there from bloggin' the freebs. Christmas-time is a big freebie/cheapie time in SL and you have to wind down afterwards for sure! Hopefully you got all the gifts and whatnot you wanted in RL and SL. 

Now, down to the brass tacks! First post will be for 22769 which lately has been shelling out the new wear at a breakneck pace which means specials for you!

 On the left is the gift for the For Whatever Hunt. You're looking for a W in the store in which if you touch the hunt hints vendor in store...you'll get a hint. Well that was awkward lol! A brown double jumper complete with scarf, shirt bottom, and sleeve prims.

On the right is a 80L special for Men's Select called a leopard lace jumper. Prims include the lace scarf, sleeves and shirt bottom. Lace can be manly just ask our model! He almost dares you to say otherwise!

Last is the 1L gift from the FTLO Millenium Hunt - Glam Jumper and flared leather jeans. The fringes tickle the body a bit which makes our model a bit shy. -_^ Prims include the fringed scarf, sleeves, shirt bottom and pants cuffs. 

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