Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bye, bye PixelDolls!

Pixel Dolls is having a closing sale until January, 15th. There are also lots of Mesh goodies like clothes, shoes and jewelry for only 50 LS each. And check the rest like pretty make ups and stuff Get yours before they are gone

MESH Tropico gown 
MESH Bathory jewelry
Fairy Kisses Eyeshadow

MESH Ashley dress
MESH Contessa jewelry
MESH drover Boot
Fairy Kisses Eyeshadow

MESH Hope Sweater
Fairy Kisses Eyeshadow

MESH Ada dress
Fairy Kisses Eyeshadow

MESH Sleeveless Empire Top
MESH Valois jewelry
Fairy Kisses Eyeshadow

1 comment:

Emerald Wynn said...


Wow, this is news to me! Where have I been??

Thank you for the heads up!

**big sad face**

P.S. Word verification is "cants" . . . "I CAN'TS LIVE WITHOUT PIXEL DOLLS!" (LOL, cheesy. Sorry.)