Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mon Petit

Alia Baroque from Fallen Gods Inc.
MissAllSunday Lemon from Wasabi Pills
Cerberus Noel from G*Field
Yabusaka Loon from Yabusaka
collaborated for an amazing MESH project:
To conclude, other creators and brands are working on petites, from Pink Fuel to G-Field, from the Looking Glass to Frippery, and hopefully many more with time.

PLEASE NOTE:  These avatars and clothes are complete MESH! Each Avatar comes with 3 MESH skins (in mature and PG), Mesh Eyes, Mesh feet and 3 kinds of Mesh Hands (open, fist and pointing) DEMO before purchase and read the important infos at the End of this post!
/Wasabi Pills/ Orion Petite Mesh Hair

PETITES +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Elves
Here shown PALE
also available in Tan and sunkissed
Outfits included

< Yabusaka > Petite Mesh School Uniform

PETITES +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Crystals 
Here shown in Musk
also available in Azure and Violet
Outfits included

*GF*[Yabusaka Petite-Fairy] Fairy Dress

PETITES +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Dracos 
Here shown in Moonlight
also available in Carbon and Inferno
Outfits included

*GF*[Yabusaka Petite-Fairy] Fairy Dress 
- Petites are MESH AVATARS, you need a SL Viewer that supports mesh viewing (Official LL Viewer, Firestorm, Latest Phoenix release, Singularity, and more). If you Don't use mesh enabled viewers, do NOT purchase this product.
- When you change back FROM Petite to standard SL shape you will look stretched: DON'T panic!
Use the deformer animation: 􀀄
Or just relog and you will be fine as usual.
- Petites are, well, petite, small avatars the size of your boot. The Mannequins displayed are the ACTUAL size of how your avatar will look.
- Your avatar bounding box, means space to walk through doors or prims will keep that of a short female standard SL avatar. (except if you choose to make yourself phantom in viewer preferences)
- Standard SL clothing layer will NOT show through the avatar, but you will be able to wear any attachment, including MESH clothes that are attachments too. (best is always to use the add option instead of wear which replaces parts you might want to wear together)
- ALPHA X-RAY, means if your mesh outfit is alpha (as in Those avatar packs) and you stand behind an alpha texture you will get all nature naked, this is the reason why I provided also PG bodies.
- You can use your AO and dances!

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