Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Olive Juice`s bittersweet symphony

IsabellaGrace Baroque from Olive Juice just sent out this note:

"Hey, friends. That's how I've come to think of you guys now. Well, to cut to the chase, Olive Juice is Closing. Some of you may know that just like a lot of creators, I'm a stay at home mom. I started this business venture just for fun when my son was just a tiny baby. Now he's 5, and my daughter is almost 3! Crazy how time flies! Well, the older they get, the busier our lives get. After wrestling with this decision for a while, I have decided I just can't find the balance of time anymore to devote to both.
I love creating, and most of all I love all of you. Your support, kind words, helpful suggestions, blogs, photos and all of it have really touched me. I never in a million years thought Olive Juice would grow to this size, and it's all thanks to you guys. You are the reason why I kept making fun and quirky poses. Unfortunately, I just can't commit the time it takes anymore to do all the events to keep the doors open without sacrificing my family, and I never want to let those little faces down for anything. They are my world.  This hopefully isn't goodbye forever. I do have two more events in February and in March scheduled that I will be participating in. I will eventually have a small in-world location, in case I feel like making something random for fun. And it will probably be super cheap or free! I'll also work on getting all my stuff up on the Market Place, and send a notice when I do. I don't know what else to say. This is very bittersweet, but maybe I can make you guys happy with a sale? Starting now through February 19th, all pose packs, prop sets and couple's poses are 50% off, even sale items. All single poses are marked down to 25L. Olive Juice will close on Sunday, February 19th. And I will have a special parting gift for you guys coming soon. Again, thank you so so so much for being there for me throught the years. I better go before I start to cry and blubber all over my computer.
<333333 Bella"

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