Friday, February 10, 2012

Back to Black: Preview Part 6

On February, 11th Back to Black opens its doors to the public. This is an AWARENESS event for mental wellbeing, not a charity event (although there will be information about the charities at the event). The Themes are: Friendship, Spirit, Heart, Fighter, Strength, Serenity, Endurance, Family, Survival, Determination, Courage, Hope, Life, Home and Comfort. Location will be anounced on opening day.
Here is my RL Blog (german and english) about my personal experiences with mental health issues and now following the previews:

Taken names and Ass Kickin sets by Somnia, they include, Top, pants, cross necklace and mesh boxing gloves.
Ivy skin by Candy Doll

MESH Courage dress by Leri Miles Design
Ourobos MESH Jewelry by Adore & Abhor
Determination poseprop by Studio Sidhe
Romance skin by Heartsick
Bourbon hair by LoQ

T-shirts by Medly and Anomaly
Jeans by TuttiFrutti
Romance skin by Heartsick
Bourbon hair by LoQ

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