Saturday, February 4, 2012

Love Challenge

Luna Jubilee had the idea of  a Love Challenge
Please read her post for the rules and help spread the love!
Things i love:
1. my hubby, he is the bestest man ever in RL and SL!

2. Mara, Birgit, Heidi, Daniela. Maya, Rosemarie and Anne Cathrine, you ladies know how to cheer me up
3. Plurk i met so many wonderful people there
4. Chocolate, sorry i cannot live without.
5. Jacky and Jonny and cutest Jack Russel Terriers ever
Valentine`s table by Aphrodite (Marina Ramer + Jaylin Whitewood) includes romantic food in different variations, 5 couple poses,8 single poses + wearable props. Get ready for a Valentine`s dinner with your beloved. Watch this movie:
MESH Brandy Fizz dress by Alexohol (AlexandraM Guisse) for TOSL
The Don suit by Fierce (Sally Soleil)
Pink Heels by N-core (Claire Messenger) for Womenstuff Hunt
Isis hair by Calico Ingmann Creations

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