Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Month, new hunts!

Can you believe it? It`s already February 2012.
This new month brings a lot of new hunts, i have some gifts of a few hunts for you.

Birdhouse by Finishing Touches (Home4Two)
Valentine`s Deco by fucifino (ZombiePopcorn)
Barstool by Dutchie (HIWTHI)

Valentine`s Table (left) by Dreamscapes Art Gallery (WRTB)
Heartshelf by Dreamscapes Art Gallery (HIWTHI)
Valentine Easel by Dreamscapes Art Gallery (ZombiePopcorn)
Leftover Table by Cheeky Pea (HIWTHI)
Texturechange Frames by Finishing Touches for (You & Me)
Medieval Valentine Chair by Kismet (HIWTHI)

Valentine`s Bed by Butterflies (HIWTHI)
My heart is yours table by Finishing Touches (FLH)
Birdcage with cat from Home and Garden Mystery Event

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