Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wrapping up a few hunts

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After another short hiatus and some inspiration as helped by my Plurk friends, I have another post for you! Hunt gifts and some group freebs to fill your late winter and early spring with!


The Season's Palette Hunt ends Feb 29th but that still gives you plenty of time. All the items in the hunt are inspired by a palette of colors.

The chair is by Clutter and has 10 colors to choose from. There are also many sits and some Men inspired ones too. At 10 prims, it should fit nicely in any small rental or home you have. 

The WOMENstuff hunt is inspired by the MENShunt group. It's all for girls and it ends March 2nd.

Loordes of London gifted this green jacket complete with prim sleeves, collar and jacket bottom. The colors paired easily with the wool jeans from Legal Insanity. It was like a match in heaven. After getting the purse as a WOMENstuff gift from Duh!, I noticed there was another hunt gift in the store which included the terracotta colored Skosh shoes. 

Group Gifts
I.D. just this morning gifted their VIP's a few sets of eyes to be included in their Stumblebum event and upcoming Fashion For Life. Now, these events are hardly free but the group gift of 4 pairs of eyes certainly were. I'm not sure if there is a group join fee but double check before you head over there to join up.

Mynerva skins has shown back up after taking a hiatus of their own. The group is 50L to join and there are currently 4 gifts out in their store. I'm wearing the Milena preview and its very soft and lightly make-uped. Its well worth the pick up.


The necklace is from Lolapop! called the Butterfly Cry Necklace in Rose. It's only 10 prims but very nicely made in my own opinion. Plus, its a steal at 1L in the store. You'll find it right on the desk.

Not free: hair by booN

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