Sunday, March 11, 2012

22769 Steam and Flux

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Steam the Hunt 6 is upon us and is running til March 31st. 

22769's gift for this hunt is a Thor outfit in classic steampunk style but inspired by the comic books. You get the top, pants, prim hammer blade, chest symbols and belt.  You're searching for a bronze colored cog in the store. 

The skin is actually the other Twisted hunt gift from Heartsick that I blogged previously. A male version of The Seeker. It comes with or without body hair and an option to have eyebrows or not. 3 shades and hairbases are also included. 

Quoted from website for Flux:
"A theme based monthly bazaar featuring exclusive content from Second Life's finest creative minds"

This month's theme is Taxidermia. 

The outfit that 22769 has completed is called Taxidermie and is 150L at the event. Antlers with jewelry, cape with feathers and bones, reptile body suit, leather pants with bones, gloves and jeweled belt. The Reptile Knee boots are not part of the outfit but at the same event for 190L. The come with an alpha layer and are resizable. 

Flux so far has been a very interesting event and everyone is raving about it. Take some time out to go see what it has to offer, just remember to deprim and lower your graphics so you have no lag problems. 

Not free: All hair by booN
Female Skin: Heartsick Twisted Hunt gift.

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