Friday, March 9, 2012

A little green and some blue

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SkinHeartsick The Seeker (Twisted Hunt gift)
Eyes: I.D. Shades of Green (March Group Gift)
Hair: Raw House Wolf in Dark Blonde w/roots (Group gift wear tag and click sign in store)
Dress: The Secret Store Lullaby Dress in cobalt (Group gift for a short time wear tag and click sign in store)
Backpack: Epic Lucky backpack (Group gift wear tag and click sign in store)
Footwear: Epic Lucky Digiwarmers (Group gift wear tag and click sign in store)

March will be full of green things for your avatar. Sometimes that gets a little old like all the red and pink in February.  I'd gotten a few gifts from several groups and a hunt gift that I decided to break it up a little with the group gift from The Secret Store. The skirt is prim and has a resize script.

The hunt gift from Heartsick comes in several tones and versions for male or female. Gotta find the gift in the store first. You're looking for the box from the movie Hellraiser. Examples are all over the store but you're looking for a specific one. Good luck.

I.D. eyes gives frequent gifts usually monthly and you get 3 shades of green and one blank for each set of prim eyes for each shade. The blonde hair of course is from Raw House. This store is fairly new but has some nice styles and shades of hair. 

Epic always has gifts that either match the month are all on one theme. Usually they have 2 clickable gifts and then one group Lucky Board for the 3rd. The digiwarmers can be either worn with or without the hooves and they come in black or brown. They and the backpack are resizable. Lucky cupcakes get a new meaning with its cute face. 

As with every post, I remind you to check groups to see if there is a fee to join or not. Some Groups are free and some are not. Some groups have their gifts out all month and some are spur of the moment gifts. The Secret Store gift just came out the 7th and may only be out for a little. Get it while it's still there. 

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