Saturday, April 2, 2011

52 weeks of Fashion: BANANA MANIA

This is me, desperately trying to find inspiration with Banana Cream Cupcakes in my office and secretly cursing on Luna Jubilee for chosing a colour named "Banana Mania " Silly Marketplace didn`t work, not a single of 5 paid items arrived! Only two of the creators reacted and send the items after i contacted them, thank you for that <3 and regarding the other two creators *waves with the Abuse Report Form and smiles* Well and next week, Aparagus will be the colour. not easy either!

Ant Flats - Banana by Miel
Top - Banana Ice by Bounce for Mix and Match Hunt
Gold Denim Capri by Hucci
Feather jewelry not any longer available
Comfort hair by Elikatira
Skin by Coca and Wolf for Mix and Match Hunt
Smooth Glow eyes - Shiitake by Ibanez
Lashes by Je Suis
Blogger office with poses by What Next
Skybox was free by MoltoBene! not sure if it was a hunt item
Banana Cupcakes Giver by Headhunter`s Island


Mayala Loon said...

mmmmmhhhhhh ... you just made me sooooo hungry ...
love your outfit :-)

Madison said...

Very cute, love the bananas on the screen lol!!

Rudhmellowen said...

Love the look you pulled together... the tattoos are SO Pretty... But ummmm can I has one of those cupcakes, you dont need two hehe

Shayariel Teardrop - said...

Thank you <3 of course you can have a cake :-D the tattoos are on the skin *winks*

moniq said...

Yummy banana cake! And the setting is lovely!

Laila Laperriere said...

Wayy Shay Cute!! =)
I want banana cupcakes now.

Anonymous said...

Bummer about the Marketplace issues, but your final look came out fabulous! :D

Kaelyn Alecto said...

Haha you just put a HUGE smile on my face! Love the cuteness in this <3