Sunday, February 12, 2012

The time has come for you to go Back to Black

On February, 11th Back to Black opens its doors to the public. This is an AWARENESS event for mental wellbeing, not a charity event (although there will be information about the charities at the event). The Themes are: Friendship, Spirit, Heart, Fighter, Strength, Serenity, Endurance, Family, Survival, Determination, Courage, Hope, Life, Home and Comfort. LOCATION
Here is my RL Blog (german and english) about my personal experiences with mental health issues and now following the previews:

Serena gown with Mesh and flexis by Mashooka
Forever jewelry by phresh
She sells sanctuary hair by Shag
Fluttering Hearts skin by Bang Bang
Pose by Geez

Esme Living Room furniture by FD Decor
Lovely Knees Leggings by Anthem
Family tree Hoodies by PHILO
Into the Void skybox by  Circa

Lingerie by Alexohol
Skin by Heartsick
Pose by Aushka
Into the Void skybox by Circa

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