Saturday, February 25, 2012

Survivor of Back to Black

On February, 11th Back to Black opened its doors to the public and it is still open until February, 29th. This is an AWARENESS event for mental wellbeing, not a charity event (although there areinformation about the charities at the event). The Themes are: Friendship, Spirit, Heart, Fighter, Strength, Serenity, Endurance, Family, Survival, Determination, Courage, Hope, Life, Home and Comfort. LOCATION
Here is my RL Blog (german and english) about my personal experiences with mental health issues and now following the previews:

Survivor outfit (Hoodie and Pants) by Wynter (Noemi Azambuja)
MESH Flutter Boots by lassitude & ennui (Jackal Ennui)

Other credits:

Malice Facial Tattoo and Percing by Collisions (Guenevere Decuir)
Cast no Shadow Tattoo by Collisions (Guenevere Decuir)
Baby - pale smokey skin by Arenesmee (Arenesmee Resident)
Comfort hair by Elikatira (Elika Tiramisu)
MESH Lashes by Miamai (Monica Outlander)

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